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The Day After Halloween

Published on November 1, 2012 under Uncategorized

The day after Halloween in a preschool is exactly what you would expect it to be … a little CRAZY. The good news is we all survived .

Small groups today was reading a story about monsters and watching a DVD of the story book ” Where the Wild Things Are.”  It wasnt a video it was a digital story book where the story is read with animated pictures.  I can remember sitting in the library of an old two story building in West Helena Arkansas and listening to this story. if I had to pick a favorite story from my childhood, it would probably be this one.   After listening to the stories we talked about what is real and what is not real. Are monsters real ? No…

We also spent extra time playing outside to let off some of that Halloween energy !

When you arrive this afternoon you will notice a note next to the door.


There were two important things I told parents at the orientation meeting in August.

We set rules for a reason . They arent just random guidelines made up to make your life difficult. If you have someone else that does picking up or dropping off that needs to be aware of these rules then you need to tell them.  ( Friends,  Grandparents) You will also remember that I said grandparents are welcome as long as they behave. Even though I sent out MANY notices throughout   the week that if you needed your child early for down town trick or treating please get them at 230. We still had grandparents insisting on picking up children early and not taking ” please wait a few minutes” as an answer.  Things you might not know :

It is a little hectic getting 16 children up , mats put away, hands washed and ready for snack in 15 minutes. When you pick up early that process is more difficult.

The children have to sleep 36 inches apart.  That means that one is sleeping right in front of the door.  He is a heavy sleeper when you come in the door early you will have to step on or over him. Neither is acceptable to me.

And…. our 7 hour day is not complete until 2:30.  You get this free service because we follow the rules.

If these hours do not work for you, I am sure you can find a place that can work with your schedule.

I do understand that yesterday was a special day.  I get that.  But obviously this wasnt the first time this has happened or it would not be an issue.

It is your job as a parent that receives free preschool in our program to make sure that the people you designate to pick up follow the rules as well and are respectful.  If they can not. They are not welcome.

I hate ending a blog on a negative note.  If you know me at all , you know I always always look for the positive . We have a wonderful opportunity to help each other raise a responsible caring little person.  Let’s all do it right.


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