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The Monster Mash

Published on October 29, 2012 under Halloween

I have been down in my back this weekend . It hurts…

I had a chiropractor appointment this morning and got a little relief.  I am hoping to be back in full swing tomorrow.  ( Listen to me try to convince myself as I sit straight up on an ice pack.. )

We dont have any pictures today.  Thats another sad story. With all the extra sitting time I had I decided to work on my photo files. I lalready have a file saved for our end of the year program that I add to.  I had files for vacation and for G. I was getting SO organized. Until.. I deleted my IPHOTO library.  ugh..   As I went to upload today’s photos that Dallas texted to me, I saw my old files in ITUNES and it dawned on me that I synch my phone almost every day to do this blog so all my pictures should be on my phone. AND THEY WERE!  But when I went to sync this time, since I had changed the IPHOTO library it asked me strange questions.  So I wont do more damage than I have already done I cancelled the sync until my son can look at it.

We had a special visitor today. Alina’s dad is home. We have been anxiously awaiting the time he can join Becky and Aline here in the US and he came home on Friday. Today he hung out all morning with Alina and all her friends!  So excited for all of you.

In small group today the kids played a game called Monster Mash.  There were monster cut outs with letters on them and  Ms Dallas would call out a letter and the child would ” mash” or slap the matching monster.  Fun game ! As you can see, we work on the same skills and goals much of the time we just change the delivery method.

I hope tomorrow is a more normal day for us all.

Reminders :

Dad and me Pumpkin Decorating and Hayride tomorrow night ( Tuesday) at 5 pm.

Halloween Carnival Wednesday.  10-11 .  Questions Ask Dallas – Supermom extraordinaire.

Parent conference signups are online.

Ms Linda has an opening if you know anyone that would like to attend an ABC program.


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