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Pppppp Pumpkins

Published on October 16, 2012 under Halloween

My mind is on overload as I consider the rest of the week.  Tonight is a monthly meeting I have .  I am an officer so I NEED to be there AND.. it will be an awesome meeting/ training.  We are meeting at a montesorri school in Rogers that just built an amazing all natural outdoor playground.  Example: They have a slide but there arent stairs that go to it , the slide is built into the hill.   They even have an ampitheatre  ! The lady that run the preschool will be talking to us about natural spaces. I am SO STINKIN excited even though i am busy.

Tomorrow Randy and I leave for Hot Springs for the annual Arkansas Early Childhood Association Conference. Last year we were keynotes there and we were given “Arkansas Traveler Awards” and this year they are featuring one of Randy’s songs behind a slide show that will be shown at both general sessions.  We are both very humbled to be honored in such a way. We are also teaching a session on using music and we will get to learn as well as we attend many classes over the three days we are there. SUPER excited !   We usually stay in the conference hotel but this time I made reservations in a cabin.  I felt we needed a little slow down and relax time.

With all of that going on days like today it would be tempting to slack and let the kids play while I “readied ” our things for the conference. But I am the crazy person that sees that as a challenge to PILE MORE in our already busy day.

Today we took playdoh and made P’s with it.  This is called kinesthetic learning . Kinesthetic learning takes place while moving instead of sitting and listening to lectures.  MOST ( if not all ) KIDS ARE KINESTHETIC LEARNERS!  They learn by DOING.

After making several P’s we used the playdoh to make faces on our styrofoam pumpkins.

We had tiny pumpkins that are numbered 1 to 10 to line up in order . SO much more fun that flashcards

Outside Randy did a sink /float experiment with pumpkins of all sizes. Guess what ? They ALL FLOAT ! Even the BIG ones !

We also made some BEAUTIFUL collage pumpkins today


Its been a busy productive day !



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