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P is for PARK

Published on October 15, 2012 under field trips

This week we are talking about pumpkins and the letter P .

What better way to celebrate the letter P than go to the  PARK !

It was our first trip there as a group and this group did really well.

Some rules we follow to keep us safe.

We walk as PARTNERS ! ( another P word  ! )

We walk in a sandwich.  Mr Randy and Ms Debbie are the bread and the kids are the peanut butter that stays in the middle.

When a car passes us we FREEZE.

When we get to the park we all stay in the blue ring.

We dont walk UP the slide , only slide down.

Rules keep us safe.

This group plays so different than any other group we have had.  They were SO QUIET at the PARK !

On our way home we watched the big machines working on building the new bridge.

We saw ducks .

We saw the fire station.

We walked UP the BIG hill on Mount Olive and learned to keep safe we put one hand on the bridge and leave it there.

I am SUPER PROUD of these kiddos , it was a good day.



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