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One to One Correspondence

Published on October 25, 2012 under Halloween

What is one to one correspondence ?

It is the ability to match one object to one (corresponding) number or object.
Example: In an egg carton we place one egg in each hole .
Or we put one foot in one shoe. 
The Teacher at Heart website says :
This concept is so natural for many that we often don’t even think about it. Parents sometime want to jump right into teaching their children to count 1-10. While Rote learning (memorizing counting numbers) is a handy tool, it can just be like singing a song and have no meaning to them. In order to lay a strong foundation for mathematic understanding they need to fully understand the meaning behind each of those little ol’ numbers!
Children (all people really) learn best by using concrete examples, hands-on and FUN learning!
There are so so many ways to practice this concept for all developmental levels and can be as simple as:
  • Count your fingers and toes (touching each of them).
  • Count all of the animals in a book.
  • Covering the numbers 1-5 with the corresponding amount of stickers.
  • Counting the trees or cars you pass on a walk!
Today we worked on one to one correspondence by playing a game with a dice , a grid and some pumpkin erasers .
The child would roll the dice  , count the number of dots on the top and then place that many pumpkins erasers on the grid , laying one on each pumpkin.
The moon sand remains a popular toy ! I found pool float that works perfect for keeping it in it’s boundaries.  With popular toys we use sign in sheets or the name tag board to keep track of who’s turn it is.  It is amazing how they can do this own their own with very little help. For a while Lyndee played teacher and helped make sure everyone was getting their turn when it was time.  GREAT GREAT tricky tool for pre- reading. They dont even realize they are starting to read their friends names.
I went outside today ( which is unusual ) and was able to grab some pictures there.  Our playground is full of ” loose parts ”  These extra things ( bricks, boards, buckets etc.. ) encourage the kids to think outside the box when they are playing and use their imagination .  I love the picture where some of the girls took a board and made a see saw on the log !


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