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Its Pumpkin Time

Published on October 1, 2012 under fall

Today I met the kids outside . I just hate to waste such beautiful mornings.  The kids come in smiling . I have a cup of warm coffee in my cup ( with extra french vanilla creamer ) and life is good.  Today they were having a bubble bonanza.  I bought a tub of bubble blowers yesterday and they were loving it !

As the kids walked inside the saw the pumpkin stand I had set up for them over the weekend in their dramatic play area.  They LOVED IT!  There was so much going on over at the pumpkin stand.  There was weighing and talking about money. There were little hands trying to pick up large pumpkins They were feeling smoothe pumpkins and bumpy pumpkins.  So much learning going on- just dont tell the kids !


We make handprint fall trees today. As I helped each child make their individually we were able to talk about the colors we were using and how the leaves on the trees will turn soon and fall to the ground.


Ask and ye shall receive !  Last night I asked for TP or paper towel rolls and we got them this morning ! Thanks mom and grandmomma that came through for us ! You had a hand in making these beautiful fall trees.

I have a lot planned this week  ! I am PUMPED for fall activities !


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