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Some days are diamonds…

Published on September 28, 2012 under Uncategorized

Some days are.. not.

Ten minutes after opening the door this morning one of our little friends puked in the floor.

After lunch today …   Poop found its way to the floor with little feet trudging through it all over the room.

Ahh….. Deep breaths.  🙂 As Pete the Cat says ” The moral of the story is no matter what you step in – keep walking along and singing your song because it’s all good. ”

Today we made our name book.  We took little squares with letters of our name on them and put them in order , glued them in a book and then counted how many letters we have in our name.

We also made our name with glue lines and beans.

This was the last day of our ” All About Me” or ” I am Special ” Unit.  Next week we will use a fall unit to start exploring new ideas and learning new things.


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