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Pineapple upside down cake cooking !

Published on September 21, 2012 under Als Pals

Today has been another hectic day.  I am not sure why other than Dallas wasnt here and I have gotten rather used to her extra set of hands.  But  close your eyes now and imagine cooking with 16 preschoolers .  That can make things seem just a little chaotic.  The kids love cooking . Usually the cooking days are Randys’ deal.  He even picked out the recipe today and it is SO yummy. I tasted it as I put it on the plates for snack today. It was pineapple upside down cake but it has some coconut milk in it and yum-o it is good !



What do kids learn when they are having cooking experiences ?

Cooking with young children is a fun and educational activity. By participating in food preparation, a young child can learn many things

  • fine motor skills- the muscles we use to write with
  • nutrition- we talk about what is healthy and what is not.
  • science concepts – what happens when you add liquid to dry ingredients ?
  • sensory exploration – how do the pineapples feel ? wet ? bumpy ?
  • cooperation – waiting our turn to mix
  • measurment – numbers !
  • shapes – the square or the round cake pan
  • following directions – learning to listen
  • fractions  Half or all…
  • telling time  We will have to wait 40 minutes for the cake to cook
  • More, much more!

If you want to cook with your child at home here are some tips for you !


  1. Don’t be afraid of messes
  2. Be sure to find many safe ways that children care participate; measuring and stirring etc., Leave the use of knives, electric appliances and heating sources to adults.
  3. Keep directions simple
  4. Practice safe food handling and wash hands before and after.
  5. Always supervise young cooks
We also talked about OPPOSITES today. That is a really tough concept for children to grasp. We played a card game where we had to match the opposite picture. Example ( old lady / baby  , hot / cold   , sad / happy )
We played in the moon  sand.  I need to find an inflatable baby bath. The apparatus that sand came in was much like a baby bath and it got a hole in it. You wouldnt believe the mess on the floor with the moon sand.  Can I just say the kids LOVE love moon sand I know well the things it can teach vs. sand but wow… I hate that stuff !
We also talked about STAR today. It is another one of the calming down activities in Conscience Discipline .
T – Take a deep breath
A- And
R- Relax.
We will begin to use this method at school. I will have a star handy when I see a friend losing control and I will pull out the star to remind them of our steps for calming down.  Each child is bringing one home today that you can use also.  You will be surprised at how much visual clues help us.  Eventually when used enough it is just like any other visual clue in life  ( traffic signs ,no cell phone etc… )
I hope you all have a fantastic weekend.
The good news is that the ABC coordinator didnt make it in today.
The better news is… we are more ready than we were yesterday.
If  you still have something to get to me, it is important to know that we have 45 days NOT from when school starts but when you enrolled and signed that application.  :/  Past the 45 days, a child is not allowed to attend . So please, dont make me be the bad guy and take care of it.
Happy Weekend !


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