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B is for Baby and Body and….

Published on September 24, 2012 under babies

This week we are still on the unit ” All about me.”  Today Mrs. Dallas played a  table game ” Heads , Shoulders , Knees and Toes” with the kids

While Angie, Julia’s mom was busy in the art center making crowns on demand !   Angie is a stay at home mom but loves working with kids .She loves it so much in fact that she has went to school to get her CDA !  in other words, she knows her way around a classroom. Thanks for coming today!

A new toy we got out today was Mr Potato Head. The kids love him !

In circle time we made an eye color graph and did some group writing .  I asked the kids to finish my sentence ” When I get bigger…. ” Activities like this teach the kids that print has meaning. As they talk, I write and they learn that letters can be put together to make words and words sentences and eventually stories !

Some of the things they replied :

I will cook.
I will have a baby .

I will get ice cream.

I will have a baby brother or sister.

We also made an eye color graph.  More people in our room have brown eyes.  When I asked the kids what color eyes I have , they replied black.  Funny kids.

We also talked about the letter B.  ( So far this year we have talked about A, R, M. X and now B.) When you see these letters point them out to your child. Ask them if they recognize them.   We read a book called Little B. Little B found all kinds of things that started with the letter B to put in her box.

As the kids came in this morning we started writing our names to sign in !

On the table this morning there were baby items to sort by color.

There was also a place to give a ” baby ” a bath.

All things considered it was a really good day.  Mondays can sometimes be tough but today was an exception.


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