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Ladybug Ladybug

Published on May 9, 2012 under Bugs

Today in small groups we did a ” weekly reader” ( an old one I had – see hoarding DOES work out at times…) on ladybugs !  We learned that there are four stages in  the life of a ladybug.   We also learned that ladybugs come in different colors !

In circle time we read ” Ten Little Ladybugs.”  Did you know these guys can count up to 50 now ?

There was fun everywhere !

Teachers Appreciation Week has been amazing ! Thanks to whoever is bringing in all the goodies!  Very Very sweet !

Orange slices are my favorite .  I shared them at breakfast.  Oranges for breakfast !  YES PLEASE !

I love the way you busy are leaving notes for me and others on the journal . Such a sweet preschool family we have at Bright Beginnings.

Ms Melissa came in to let Randy and I enjoy Geneviette’s award ceremony ! Thanks Melissa!  Sometimes it is hard to make sure while you are being super teacher you don’t forget those closest to you…  We are still moms, dads, grandparents etc….


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