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Shhh.. its a secret !

Published on May 10, 2012 under parent education

We spent part of our day working on a secret project for Mothers Day.   This is all you get to see of it  !

I want to take a moment too to say how much you should cherish your moms !  I lost my mother two years ago last week.  I know we say we love our moms and we want to spend time with them but it’s different when they are gone.  You think of all the things you wish they could see and share with you. Little things that might be stupid to some people but just today I looked at the Bradford Pear tree in the front yard and remember planting it and my mom and dad coming over to see it.  It was a tiny little thing.  I wish they were here to see how much it has grown.

If you would like to read more about my mom and the time we had just before she left…. here is a post I wrote about her.  My mom ! 


Katelyn came in all smiles this morning with presents in hand for Teacher Appreciation Week.  She had a beautiful flower, a gorgeous yard luminary and a makeup case.  You guys are really spoiling us this week !  Before noon she was getting a little weary and laying around. We she didnt sing with us or dance , I knew that something was wrong.  I sent her home with a 101.3 temp.  I hope she feels better tomorrow!

There were MORE anonymous gifts on the sign in sheet this morning.  Wow.. thanks!

Our plant…. the one that we didnt water or let get sun  – it died.  ( Sorry Julie. )

Speaking of Julie Scarlett came in with a piece of paper this morning she was excited to show me.  It took me a minute and she had to explain it to me but I was SUPER impressed. This sheet of paper helped her understand which day her mom was coming to school to play.

This friends is the real world way of teaching your children SO much.

From this one sheet of paper a child  learn :

printed letters have meaning



concepts of time

letter recognition

left to right progression

letters and letter sounds

Shapes  – SQUARES  !

WAY TO GO JULIE !  If you guys do things like this all summer with your kiddos they will retain what we have learned this year AND maybe even add some useful knowledge on top of it !

Other real world ways to teach your kids.

At the ball field -1st base  2nd base 3rd base  ordinal numbers

At McDonalds – point out letters on the menu board

At the grocery store  – make a list together and let them look for some of the items

In the kitchen – setting the table and counting the silverware needed

We also read two books . One was called ” Clara the Caterpillar ” and the other was called ” Toe Stomper and the Caterpillars. ” Both books were about being nice to our friends.

This afternoon your child will have his shirt a note and older kids a hat to take home for the program on Saturday !


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  1. Marcella Grammer

    Debbie, I lost my maternal grandmother in May of 2003, my mom in Sept. 2003, and my husband in July 2004. Yeah, it was a rough time. Even now, I still want to call Mama on the phone and tell something important that happened and think about her very often. I lost my dad last May, but I don’t miss him as much as I do Mama. I was closer to mom than I was to daddy. But yeah, all you people out there that still have your moms, be thankful, be very, very, thankful for her. You never know when you will be without them. <3

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