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Are Spiders Insects ?

Published on May 1, 2012 under Bugs

Today has been a rather hectic day.  Parent teacher conferences until 9:30 and lots of other things on my mind.  But that didnt slow our progress of our BUG unit.  The popular question today was are SPIDERS insects ?  Do you know ?  The answer is no.  They are arachnids. Some differences between a spider and an insect is that insects usually have wings, spiders do not.  Insects have 6 legs. Spiders have 8 !  And the stunner of the day that we researched on the computer  ( did you know that is a kindergarten readiness skill ?  Knowing that technology can be used in the classroom and other places to find out stuff! )  We found out that SPIDERS HAVE 8 EYES! 8 EYES and 8 LEGS! They are EQUAL!!!!


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