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Published on April 30, 2012 under Bugs

Parent Teacher conferences this morning starting at 7:30.  Always a fun time to be able to look at the numbers from the Dial Three in the fall and compare them to now. There is so much learning going on that you never see but the scores on the assessments show you what we really do . ( usually…)

The next two weeks we are doing a unit on BUGS!  What are insects ? Is a spider an insect ?  Our end of the year program is all buggy – so we also started practicing the songs for that. You won’t want to miss it !

Kat brought a turtle that was found over the weekend for us to look at . The kids love it and are quite fearless about touching it.  I finally had to set it outside in MY FEAR that someone was going to get hurt !

We did our end of the year self portraits today.  The idea is that with each stage of development a child add’s something  ( arms, , legs, fingers …) I m not sure what to think when they draw their clothes down to the shirt that  ” has the ninja turtles on it.”

We took our hula hoops to the driveway to look for bugs.  Sometimes when hunting for something an area as vast as a drive way can be too overwhelming ,so  the hula hoop narrows down the space we are looking at and helps us focus.

The crickets and the grasshoppers had a race !



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