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Pj Day

Published on April 25, 2012 under video

This should have been titled The Napping House. That is the book that I planned lessons for today and had the kids wear their Pj’s for but I couldn’t find my book ! I KNOW I have one.  I figure it is in one of my other theme boxes but lucky me I have a resource room upstairs with  several shelves of book and one says ” Sleeping” and I found  four other books about sleeping we could read today.  I think their favorite of the four was ” Lhama , Lhama, Red Pajama .”

The kids loved wearing their Pj’s to school today. The were all excited to see who wore what kind .  I even had on my Pj’s for a while.  I totally forgot I had a conference at Northside today so in ten minutes I ripped off the Pj’s threw on a dress and headed that way.

After getting home, I had 5 more Dial Three assessments to do.  Thankfully , I got them completed .  Here’s another picture of a child having fun.. or not.  He is kind of cute though writing his letters in his Pj’s.

I love the progression of our journal writing from scribbles on the pages to letters and real  drawings . These will go home the end of year.

Since most of our week is based around story telling I did two different kinds of story telling today.  One was with a new game I have called Story Cubes. We roll the dice and tell a story based on the picture that is on the top of our dice.  The kids really seemed to like the game BUT.. our kids are great storytellers.

Another fun time was add- on stories. This is a ” game” of storytelling you play with your kiddos.  I started the story and each child would add on what he or she thought should happen next.  I love this game.  Kids are so creative if you just give them the opportunity and the time  .  This would be a wonderful idea for car rides. You start the story and let your child add to it. Then you add a story element, then they add one… etc…. before you know it you are at your destination .

I took a couple videos of our add on stories today.


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