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Caps for Sale

Published on April 24, 2012 under Zoo

Today was HAT day in honor of the book ” Caps for Sale ” and Arkansas Children’s Week.   Many of the kids came in wearing special hats . I brought down my crate of hats for others that forgot to wear one to borrow.



I started off the day in a silly hat but let’s be honest, I am just NOT A HAT girl. I am used to BIG… really BIG hair and that hat felt like a warm.. um…. well.. something sitting on my head  .

In small groups today the kids listened to a story teller tell the story of ” Caps for Sale.”
 After listening to the story Danielle played a recall game with them to see if they could remember what order the peddlers hats were in.  They also played a math game with money and hats in a tree.

Danielle handled small group while I did assessments.  i will make my normal rant about this short.  I am assessing letter recognition, cognitive skills, colors etc and not one dag blame thing about social skills which is the thing we excel the most in between 3 and 5.  Gah …  Why don’t they ask questions like ” If Johnny takes your toy , what should you do?”  Many kids would answer tell the teacher but I THINK mine would say ” tell them to give it back.” Why doesn’t it say tell me what you do after using the potty ?  Or What can you say or do to make a sad friend feel better ?  Don’t get me wrong, the academics are important and the foundation for learning needs to be learned but I as a teacher I would much rather get a child that is socially ready for kindergarten versus academically ready.  Ok, Im done.  Look at Aveary, doesn’t she look happy to be playing with me instead of with her friends ?  ( Point made )



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