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Hippity Hoppity

Published on April 2, 2012 under Easter

Monday Monday…. what a fun day.  I have told you this before. I LOVE Mondays.  Mondays are usually one of our easier days.  Most Mondays starts a new unit which means all new table activities for the kids to enjoy. New toys = excited kids = happy teacher !





















This is Scarlett sorting the Pom Poms with tongs into the matching baskets.

Our Monday did start off with an inspection today from the USDA Food program. They are the people that come to ensure that we are feeling meals that meet the healthy guidelines of the food pyramid.  Today’s breakfast was biscuits with  gravy, grapes and milk.  We passed !  These ladies have been inspecting me for over 20 years so they are also friends.  They’ve watched my own children grow up and were there when I lost my parents.  I always love when they drop in and we can all catch up.

The small groups today played a game made from an Easter placemat.  We took turns rolling the dice and then moved our egg the correct number of spaces. As usual we played until everyone was a WINNER!  I do think it is an important lesson for kids to learn that they can’t always win but today’s game was to teach math skills not social lessons. 🙂

So many fun games can be made from ordinary materials and repurposed !





Games are great for kiddos that need practice counting on one on one correlation.

We also used white painted hands to make prints on a piece of paper. I wonder what it will be ?  Tomorrow we will complete the project.

Randy did a science experience with the kids today.  We placed peeps in containers with different types of liquid. ( water, vinegar, soda, laundry detergent and apple juice. ). I wonder if the peeps will dissolve.  We made our predictions and we will watch them all week.  I will be going to the dollar tree after school to get 5 containers with lids so we don’t have kids fishing a peep out to eat.  What do you think ? Which ones will dissolve ?  We already noticed that they are all floating…. for now.




Since we did this experience  with all 16 kids at once there was no room for our stools for the shorter kids so we put them up on the cabinet.

This is why !   HA!



Malachy and Kat were happy campers being up so high.

We also made a graph with tally marks and recorded who thinks the peeps will dissolve.  They all pretty much thought all the peeps would dissolve.

In circle time today we played a rhyming game.  I told them there was an Easter Bunny who got up Easter morning and FORGOT TO DIE THE EGGS! YIKES!  ( Kinda like that old tooth fairy forgetting to put some money under the pillow . ) He sat down to work out his problem and he said.. think think think.. what will make this pink?  And the egg turned pink.  So the bunny figured if he could use rhyming words for each color word that the eggs would magically turn a beautiful color.  So I would start the phase like…. bed bed.. I wish this egg was…… and the kids would guess what color  the rabbit was trying to turn the egg.  ( Red…. on the example I gave if you didnt eat your cheerios this morning! )

We also read a book about a rabbit that was white  ( The White Bunny ) and he went through the grass and wondered what it would be like to be green.. and he turned green.  He went through the tall fir trees and wondered what it would be like to be tall and then he as. This was a fun book.

To transition out of circle time we played a game called” Pass the Carrot” I had a large inflatable carrot in my box and wondered what I should do with it and came up with this. The kids loved it .


The next two months will be busy!  Do you realize we only have 6 weeks of school left ? WOW! This year flew by faster than any other.  There is a mistake on your calendar. The egg hunt is Friday – not Thursday.   Hang on to your calendars!

I heard outside they had a hopping race going on !

Hoppy Easter!

And by the way… did you know today is National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day ?


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