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Making Mud to Eat

Published on March 30, 2012 under cooking with kids

I did a gallery of the pictures today instead of individual I know they aren’t as easy to see but I need some extra time during nap time today to get packed . Randy and I will be leaving as soon as our ratio allows this afternoon to head to Harrison Arkansas. We ( the KIDDOS) are opening an early childhood conference there and then giving a 75 minute workshop on using music in the classroom.  Randy has the car pretty much packed but I still need to pack a few props and CLOTHES!  Cant’ forget those! 🙂

Today seemed calm and easy.


For small groups we played number BINGO with flower pots and seeds.  Most of the kids were pretty good at recognizing numbers 1 -9.   We also read the book ” It looked like spilt milk .” Have you ever laid outside on a blanket and looked up at the sky at the clouds to see what they looked like ?  I can remember playing as a child.  This book talks about different things the clouds look like.  For an art project afterwards we put some white paint in the fold of blue construction paper and SQUISHED it down. After a bit we opened it to see what it looked like.  There were LOTS of butterflies.

Another fun activity we did today was make MUD to eat.

1/3 cup instant chocolate pudding

2 TBLS of Milk..   Stir !

We have done a lot of cooking this week !

In our circle time today we read two more books about rain and then looked back at the KNL chart we made earlier in the week.  We talked about the things we already knew, the things we wanted to learn and then today we charted the things we learned this week.

Some of the things we learned were:

The sun gets the mud puddles warm and they go up to the sky.

That is called evaporation.

Rain fills the oceans.

Rain helps keep the plants and the animals alive.

I would say this unit was one of the more fun ones we have had.

Happy Weekend Everyone !


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