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Top O’ the Morning to Ya Lassie !

Published on March 12, 2012 under math

Today was the beginning of a very busy fun week.  As the kids came in they began to notice all the GREEN around the room.  Obviously our color focus this week will be green. I can’t wait to read the book ” Little Yellow, Little Blue” that tells the story of how green is made later in the week.

There were all kinds of green costume pieces around the room so the kids could get in the spirit.
















Little leprechauns everywhere !

The sensory box had a lot of green things in it but a little gold hiding as well.

Its a treasure hunt !

We did GREEN art.  I asked the kids to create me an art piece just using green. it is funny how some kids were inclined to draw something that is traditionally green  – like broccoli.  Others drew whatever they wanted — only it was green. Both are ok.  It definitely shows the personalities of the kids and who thinks in side the box and who thinks outside the box.  What do you think I am.. in the box ? Or out ? Some of you might be surprised !

















And when you have three year old boys who are not ready to spend time sitting at the table for more than 5 minutes coloring anything  , green or not  , this is what you get 🙂 But I can roll with this !  They gave me a picture and this activity was self directed and using fine motor skills to get the crayon on the hole and using math skills for one to one correlation.

I introduced a math game that will be on the table tomorrow.  Do you ever stick a toy out and the kids use it every way but the way it was intended ? You can  help that learning process if you first take the time to model and play with the toy with them.  Many times we assume it is a no brainer how something is played and don’t understand why it gets broken so fast or the kids grow bored with it.  It could be that they don’t know how to use it properly and feel unsuccessful and frustrated.

Most kids can count to ten. Can yours hand you 6 objects when you ask for six ? Try it !

We used bell peppers to make shamrock prints.

Are we gonna eat these ?  I heard this more than once.

I have to say this morning Miss Beth posted about a her telling a child they were going to talk about St Patricks Day and his reply ” And spongebob?”  And I thought… strange. Then I read where Julie told Scarlett we were going to be doing St Patricks Day activities and she said the same thing.  I thought.. now this is weird , two kids being funny in the same way, in two places about the same thing. Then it dawned on me — SPONGE BOB And PATRICK from the cartoon.  Sometimes I am so slow. 🙂

We learned who St Patrick is.    Was he a leprechaun ?   What has green and rainbows got to do with this  holiday ?  There is a new ruling that keeps us from using prayer in school that is not initiated by the children and ” teaching ” Christianity.  ( Don’t get side tracked I will address this more later. ) So, I was a little confused on how to introduce St Patricks Day since he was a saint…. hmm… It’s history, right ?  Here is a little clip from Veggie Tales that explains how St Patricks Day got started.

We listened to an Irish tune and danced a little jig !

Malachy said ” Ms Debbie , look at my park!”

The kids loved the green playdoh I made last night.  Do you want to make some for your home?   Here is the no fail EASIEST recipe I use !

Microwave Bisquick Play-Doh
2 cups Bisquick
1 cup salt
2 cups water
1 TBSP cream of tartar or alum
1 TBSP oil
food coloring and/or KoolAid
(You may also add cocoa, peppermint…whatever you like.)

Pour ALL into a MICROWAVE-safe bowl and stir.
Microwave for 3 min.
Stop and scrape/stir the bowl.

Microwave for another 3 min.
It should be ready for kneading now. If not, cook for another minute or so!


Snack this afternoon is a ” learning snack.” We will be sorting LUCKY CHARMS cereal before we eat because it’s  ” magically delicious!”



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