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The Foot Book and Ten Apples Up On Top

Published on March 1, 2012 under A is for apple

Today we read ” The Foot Book” .  After reading the book we colored a foot and cut it out.  Most of our friends are cutting pretty well.  Your child’s foot should be in their cubby take a look at it and see how their cutting skills are coming along.  We also found out that we could use our ” feet ” to measure things.

Decorating their foot !

There was a beading activity out on the table today during free play.  The kids were encouraged to make pattern with them but some just had fun making bracelets and necklaces.

There is some major fine motor work that goes on when we bead. Fingers having to work hard to put a small bead on a pipe cleaner. It resembles the grip we have for writing.

Even the boys enjoyed beading. Orrin said ” I am making this for my mom !”

Scarlett was our pattern beading over achiever.  She said ” Look Ms Debbie, I did a pattern!”  It was 5 white , 5 red, 5 white , 5 red…. etc… what a smart precious little girl ! Thanks Scarlett for making me feel like a super teacher today.  ( Julie , I will allow you to take a LITTLE credit for her skills..hehe )

We watched a short clip of the book ” Ten Apples Up on Top.”


Afterwards the kids drew pictures of themselves. I know it seems like we do that a lot but did you know there is a lot of research that goes into a child’s self portrait and using it to assess development ?  If you would like to read more on it  – here is a great article

After looking at the clip we painted or drew ten apples up on top.

Our beautiful art !

Look at the detail on this one !


And lastly… are we all sick of that attendance scanner ? This morning the internet wouldn’t pick up on one lap top and I had to bring mine downstairs.  Then when Danielle printed out the monthly forms it didnt auto populate the meal counts and she had to manually do that anyway… so in theory the scanner seemed like a good deal. In real life…. BLAH!  Tomorrow we go back to our old school sign in forms.



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