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Well Hello Spring! and HEEELLLLOOOO park day!

Published on February 22, 2012 under farm

As the kids came in this morning I knew the weather was going to be beautiful and I was thinking a park reward day was just what we needed.  Since parents fill out the permission slip at orientation that says ” we are aware that Bright Beginnings takes spontaneous walking field trips” off we went.  What a BEAUTIFUL day.  As we walked the cutest little puppy joined us and Mr Randy knocked on a couple doors to see who he belonged to. We were afraid he would follow us down to the park and get ran over.  No one claimed him SO…Mr Randy put him in someone’s gate that wasn’t home.  Wont they be surprised when they get home to see they have a new puppy ! 🙂  We did have to take a slight break on the hill for pictures and leaf fun.

As we walked we looked for things that we might see on a farm.  That was a bust until we arrived at the park and saw the DUCKS! YAY  for living in a small town that has a beautiful creek that runs through it complete with quacking ducks !

When we arrived at the park we sat down on the sidewalk to be reminded of our park rules since it has been a while since we visited.  Our rules are ” stay INSIDE the blue ring that surrounds the play equipment ” and ” we only go DOWN the slide and not up.

And off we went.

( I took tons!  Check my school Facebook account for more ! )

We were sad to see that the large twirling slide was taped off and broken. Boo!

I was so proud of Orrin when he said ” Look ms Debbie there is an A in the sky !”  By the time I got my camera ready the few ducks in the middle had moved and the A became a V but he was right !

How Sweet !

I was also very proud of Kimber as I heard Katelyn yell ” Ms Debbie I need help to get down.”  As I was walking over and telling her I bet she could jump Kimber saw the scared look on her face and said ” I can help her…” and he did.  Such a gentleman.

After leaving the park we stopped in at the library to read a couple books about the farm . I am so proud of how well behaved my kids are in the library. I doubt they even knew we were there.

After getting home we ate a delicious lunch prepared by Ms Danielle  ( Meatballs, Mac and Cheese, Peas and peaches ) and then we went to circle time.  We have a cool blues song we are singing right now called ” I know a chicken.” Part of the song has you SHAKE… HIgh , low, fast slow and in a circle.  I utilized that shaking energy to make some butter.  I put heavy whipping cream in a baby food jar and everyone took a turn shaking to the music and low and behold when we were done the cream from the COW ( we learned yesterday) had turned into butter. So a slow gives us milk AND butter!   We spread a little one some bread and tasted it of course.  BUT before tasting we write on our board”  What will happen to the milk if we shake it ?”  We had guesses like ” It will get old.” and ” It will turn hard like a rock.”  Lots and lots of shaking and thinking going on during circle time today.

Butter !

Now… we are all asleep  Well… they are. They were SO tired from our long exciting morning. I need a nap but I guess I will wait until school is out.   ZZZzzzzzzz…..

I would say today was perfect.


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