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Mrs Wishy Washy Drops In

Published on February 23, 2012 under creating wonder

Today Mrs Wishy Washy made her one day annual appearance.  The kids of course knew it was me but it is still fun to pretend.  I came in the room dressed as Mrs Wishy Washy.  ( Funny side note… as I walked through the kitchen dressed up and headed to the bathroom to fix my head kerchief Kyler saw me. He looked at me really weird and said ” What… are you doing…?”  and kept walking on.  Seriously….  was this get up even close to my normal enough that it didnt phase him much? )  I came through the rooms asking the kids to join me down stairs .  I told them my story about the cow and the pig and the duck and how they kept getting all muddy and I had to wash them in my tub ” wishy washy wishy washy ”  These kids love story telling . It mesmerizes them so much more than a book.  I used puppets to act out the animal parts.  They loved it.

And she said… ” Get in the tub !”

What fun !

W stands for ….

After the story I drew a W on the chalkboard and we talked about Mrs Wishy Washys name and the sound a W makes.  You make your mouth like a kiss or whistle to say it.  ” Yes ! Thats right like William’s name!”  We talked about how it looks like an M upside down.

Then we did the Wishy Washy Hokey pokey ( some opted out at this point ).

You put the pig in

You take the pig out

You put the pig in

And you shake it all about

You do the wishy washy ( rub thighs up and down )

and you turn yourself around

That’s what its all about .

During circle time today we read the book ” Mrs. Wishy Washy’s Farm” and acted out the story with puppets and costumes.  The kids really loved that part.  The audience helped me retell the story.  Retelling stories is an important part of learning to sequence.

Andrea washing the cow !

Aveary as Mrs. Wishy Washy

AIt was so much fun to watch them act this out.

Kyler even remembered what they cow said when he got out of the tub.

Wishy washy

And we were reminded about the letter W.  Before the letter W on the board you see the word Farm.  We are singing a song that shouts F A R M and writing the letters on the board and pointing to them as we sing is a great way to reinforce our letter sounds.

We also learned how to play the clank can game. The tiles have pictures on them.  If the picture starts with a W it gets clanked into the can .  Tomorrow this will be out on the table for free play. It will be interesting to see how many chose to do it.  Putting the right materials out also involves introducing  them to the kids so they can be used in an appropriate way that promotes learning   .  If I just stuck this homemade toy on the table there would be a lot of clanking but it wouldn’t necessarily mean anything.

The game


Another Mrs Wishy Washy activity we did today was an emergent reader book.  Children at this age are just now beginning to realize that words put together can make sentences and sentences can make stories or books.  Emergent readers usually have the same words repeated over and over again with strong picture clues so a young child can “read ” the book themselves.  When these books come home don’t go through them as though you would a coloring book . SIt down with your child and allow them to read it to you.  Watch their face light up as they realize ” they can read!”

Emergent reader work

LOVE LOVE seeing kids using toys I put out and proving they are learning something !

I have clipboards out every day but today they were popular. Everywhere I looked kids were writing ! YAY!


more writing

They tell us in school that dramatic play is where kids tend to act out or reenact the stresses of their life  .  I was reminded of that today as I watched Emeri laying on the bench being seen by a ” doctor.”  Emeri’s little sister was critically ill Sunday night .   She has talked about it some this week but today in dramatic play I saw it acted out without prompting.

Ok.. someone hand me my soapbox.

Being a parent takes courage and patience.

If it is cold don’t ASK your child will they put on their coat … tell them to put it on.

If your child refuses to eat what you cook that is nutritious don’t make an alternative meal, eventually they will eat.

If you child is not listening to you don’t say ” Will you please listen to me..” Say ” You are not listening to me and that is unacceptable.”

Children do need choices but if they are making the wrong ones should we allow it to continue just because we don’t want to make them sad or we don’t want to take the time to jump on those teachable moments.

Being a parent takes courage and patience.

Ok someone rip the stool out from under me before I get on another roll !




  1. Marcella Grammer

    Very cool, Miss Debbie. Love the way you teach the kids and explain to us parents/grandparents why you do it the way you do. So that we understand and it helps us too. Thank you so much for who you are and what you do!

    1. charlotte jones

      i totally agree and as a grandparent, i have forgotten alot of things through the years and trust me, it has been plenty since i have had little ones around of my own. i appreciate being reminded by a person that i trust and i know has the correct answers and most of the solutions. sometimes i get so busy i dont realize what or how i say something. thanks debbie, you are great.

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