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Sorting S

Published on January 3, 2012 under Winter

Danielle and I had to be  out today so Bethany and Mr Randy carried the torch and I am sure they did it quite well !











They practiced writing the letter S for snowman !











They also sorted objects on a silver tray that started with S.











Remember those bottles I asked for  ? Today they took them an put white paint in them and shook the paint inside to coat the bottle. Tomorrow we will finish them and magically turn them into a snowman !

Randy said they had a good day.   The kids were all glad to see Bethany back today.

Just a reminder that it is actually against the rules to bring anything to school. I have been very lenient this year and our cubbies are getting progressively more full.  Today we had a little incident with nail polish and makeup.  Please tell your child it is against the rules and leave their toys in the car until you pick them up.  If this problem keeps getting worse , I will have to draw the line and say no one can bring anything at all.  Thanks for helping me make our day more fun by everyone going by the rules.

See you tomorrow !



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