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Creepy Snowmam

Published on January 4, 2012 under science

We finished the snowmen that were started yesterday.































I texted a picture of them to Beth with an explanation that said ” Reminder – I hate teacher directed art!” and she said… creepy…. 🙂  And yes, they do look at little creepy but if they were perfectly cute they wouldn’t be ” theirs” at all.


















The kids continue to love the snowman building kit.











Today we danced with snowflakes that had numbers on them . After dancing we put them in order.











Then we made a pattern with the snowflakes.











We did a science experiment today with ice.  What makes it melt faster ?  Nothing? Sugar ? Salt ?    The kids enjoyed coming back in after lunch and seeing what had happened to the ice .  After discovering it was the salt that accelerated the melting process I asked the kids if they got up one day and ice was covering the steps at the front door what could they put on it to make the ice go away. Many correctly put the dots together to say ” salt !”











Even with a 10 minute limit on the IPAD not everyone got a chance to play on it today.  One game they played for fun was a snowflake popping game and then different types of learning games.  In this picture Andrea is tracing the lines to form letters . After correctly tracing the letter it says the letter name out loud.  I think the IPAD is a great learning tool.





















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