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Ornament Making Machines

Published on December 21, 2011 under Christmas

Today we made more ornaments and Christmas memories.

We started with a traditional snowman ornament that I make with the kids every  year.   It is more teacher process than kids – but it is their  handprint that when they are 27 you will look at and smile remembering those tiny fingers.































We used McKaylas great grandmothers buttons to create wonderful snowflakes.





























































We made angels.  Check out the face.
















It was a good day.

We also read a book called Whoooo’s sleeping in the stable.  We talked about what a manger is .  It is the story of a baby owl that wonders who is sleeping in the animals manger.  Afterwards we talked  about who’s birthday is coming up.   When it is YOUR birthday who gets presents. So, what can we give Jesus for HIS birthday. I asked the kids to think of something – non material – that they can give as a gift.  Ideas were singing a song to someone to make them feel better or making a card.  To give an example we made a video for Malachy who has been out sick this week.  I think they ” got it ”

Tomorrow we are having a birthday party. We will even make cupcakes or a cake.

Friday is our Polar Express PJ Party.



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