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Who’s Birthday is it anyway ?

Published on December 20, 2011 under Christmas

Today we slowed down our gears a little to talk about  ” who’s birthday is it anyway ? ”































Yesterday McKayla’s grandmother brought me in two bags of buttons that were her mothers.  Today, I poured them on the table for the kids to explore. Again, I am always entertained by the fact that without being told , they start sorting . There was a lot of rich language like shiny , round, and interesting.  We found some really different ones that looked like an orange. They really liked the ones that were two buttons connected by a chain.   As I played with them I remembered all the days I used to play with my moms buttons.   They are now in a jar in my kitchen window for me to enjoy each day.   Buttons can tell so much about a families past.  Thanks Charlotte for enriching our day.


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