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New Ways of Communicating

Published on December 27, 2011 under parent involvement

I trust you all are having a great Christmas Vacation.  We are enjoying our time off by resting and cleaning !  YIPPIE!! Right ?

I have had a lot of time for refection on my life and my business in general. I don’t think it is a surprise to anyone that I LOVE my job and tend to be a workaholic of sorts.  I took some steps to do something that I have needed to do for several years now.   I have changed my cell phone number and opened a Facebook page just for Bright Beginnings.


At this point I am sure many of you are saying – but I am your friend, not just your client and YES!!! Many of you are ! But..  I have to set some boundaries in my life that allow me to actually HAVE a life. No, I am not making major changes in my life nor am I preparing to, but I don’t know every thing that goes on in your life and you don’t need to know each detail of mine.  I can’t tell you how many family outings or dinners that have been interrupted by text or phone calls from parents that could have waited until the next day or were completely unnecessary at all .  Let’s face it, there are no real emergencies while your children are not here that require my immediate assistance .


I cannot think of another preschool that the parents or grandparents have the teachers personal numbers and call them whenever they feel the whim.

This is hard for me.  But ,

I need a life apart from my job.

I need down time.

Our new ” guidelines ” for communication are :

If you need us you will call the house phone.  You will be given a card with that number on it when you return to school.  You may also message me on the new FB page or email me at  ssprek01@gmail .com

I will place all pictures pertaining to your children / grandchildren on the new FB page.

If your child will be late or not be  coming to school  or you need to talk to us for another valid reason , you will call the house phone and leave a message. We will check the machine several times a  day for messages.

I have asked Randy and Danielle to also delete all current parents from their personal Facebook pages.

After your child goes to kindergarten and you feel the need to request friendship on my personal Facebook page or ask for my cell phone number , I will be glad to give that to you.   PLEASE don’t ask to be the one exception to this new system – I cannot make exceptions for anyone.

I continually make steps to become better at my job and be more professional.  Please see this as a step in that direction.  Nothing has changed. You can still contact me ( maybe not immediately via cell phone as usual but lets face it, that affects my job as well.. )  You can still communicate via Facebook with me and enjoy updates and pictures from the kids. Many of you text me pictures and video’s you can still do that on our FB page.  PLEASE DO!


Thanks for understanding that catering to the personal needs and conversations with 16  children’s families is very overwhelming .

I look forward to the rest of our school year  !



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