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Polar Express 2011

Published on December 23, 2011 under Christmas

We have had a great day today. The train station was set up when the kids arrived all in their PJ’s.   All around you could hear ” Look at MY Pj’s ! ”  or ” Our PJ’s match !”   I love that when Dillion came in his dad said ” You were right, the tables ARE turned side ways !”  Kids LOVE routine and knowing what to expect. So glad I didn’t disappoint him.   As the kids came in they had coloring sheets of a train on the tables.  ( Don’t judge, I needed to fill the time as we waited on our friends )  After everyone arrived the kids took their coloring sheets to Danielle in the ticket window to get a ticket to ride on the train.  Then the conductor, Randy, came to punch their tickets.. they loved it.  All the while the train sounds music was playing in the background.





















After this we started the movie and the kids watched it with great anticipation. This is important because.. the anticipation dwindles later. Asking kids to watch a 2 hour movie is hard .  This is why we break it up. Our first break was after the hot chocolate scene.  We went downstairs and had our own hot chocolate scene and ate our reindeer pancakes.

































After breakfast we returned to the movie and watched it up to the point that  the train slid on the ice.  ( I want to point out here that we had two mommies come to hang out with us today.  Moms and Dads are always welcome to come lend a hand playing and smiling  .  If you like smiling.. just let me know and we can arrange it ! )





















After the train sliding scene we moved the dining room table and took out some wax paper and pretended to be ice skaters.  To give us an idea of what we were doing, we watched a beautiful lady ice skate to music. It inspired us !










Then we made reindeer food. MOMS and DADS, this is in your bag. Let your child sprinkle it on your lawn Christmas eve night. Those reindeer get hungry too !
















We also made reindeer ornaments. When the train slid on the ice they almost ran over a herd of reindeer !











After all this excitement we returned to the living room to watch the rest of the movie.  Of course when it got to the end and the little boy received his gift – we got ours too !









































The girls got baby dolls and the boys got whistles.  ( Moms you can thank me later that these whistles aren’t too loud.  I was a little disappointed.  )  The kids also had presents from a couple of their friends.

After all the present hoopla we had lunch.  PIZZA , salad and oranges.
















Malias dad travels and he made it home to pick her up. What a great present !

I love my job. Thank you so much for sharing your little ones with me.  You know, life is too precious not to do something you love.   I am very fortunate.  Christmas is about love..  Christ loved us so much that he ” gave his only begotten son that whosoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life ” ( John 3:16 )

Can you imagine giving your child up to save the world ?  Can you ?  He did.

He is the reason for the salon.  I hope yours is blessed.
















I think I’ll put my feet up now and look at the lights twinkling on the Christmas tree … Merry Christmas .


  1. charlotte jones

    AGAIN, you guys are awesome! the things you thnk of and do is absolutely amazing. i hope you have a great break and restful time. the kids will be anxious to get back to all the fun and learning. your love shows through the love of the children.

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