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Tis the season

Published on November 21, 2011 under Thanksgiving

We are all busy getting ready for our Thanksgiving feast on Wednesday at 11:30 at the Community building.  The children are making Indian headbands and place mats for their place at the table AND centerpieces for decoration.  Can you say I am on holiday teacher directed art overload ?

Last week I traced the kids arms  and over the weekend ( in my spare time.. LOL ) I but them out.   Today they painted and decorated the trees.
















I think they turned out very CUTE!
















We listened to a 4 minute you tube about ” What is Thanksgiving?” and sang some songs too.   Here are some things your child might remember from today.

Why did the people leave their land to find a new home ?

How did they get there ?

What was the boat called ?

What happened while they were  at  sea ?

When they landed on Plymoth Rock what was the weather like?

How came to help them?

What was the Indians name ?

What did he help them do ?

After the pilgrims harvested the vegetables what did they do ?

















Though this was a LOT of group art the projects are individual  The kids cut their own paper and glued them on.  This makes me laugh to remember the year we waited until the last minute to make the headbands and I looked over at our lunch the the kids had glue running down their little faces and in their hair.  Not funny … but funny at how silly I was to think they would glue in time.
















Our friend Emeri came to school today with a broken arm.  It hasn’t slowed her down much.   She fell off her daddy when he was giving her a piggy back ride.  I had to help her wash her hands and a couple of her friends helped her also.

If you want to know how busy our day was –

Here is Danielle… going around to each child’s mat while they are laying down asking them what they are thankful for.  Only a 23 year old preschool teacher would you find laying in the floor like that. If I did I would not be able to get back up.
















Whew… what a day.

But I am still thankful I love my job.
























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