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Turkey is in the oven !

Published on November 22, 2011 under Thanksgiving

Today has been spent making more preparations for our feast tomorrow.
















Before the kids arrived I had the turkey ready to go in the oven.
















The kids helped me make a banner for decoration.































The older guys even helped the young ones !  Cooperation is a great skill to learn.
















In a box of decorations we found old Thanksgiving sticker sheets and some of the kids enjoyed being creative with them.
















This is a card that Scarlett brought in that she made for me at home.   She is quite the artist.  I know at home sometimes it is hard to look at their art and appreciate what you see.  It is a very delicate situation to ask  ” what is that ?”  I want to show you a contrast of a younger child’s art .
















This was Malachy’s art.  He came to the wall with one piece of paper with glue on it.   Randy said ” Malachy, glue is used to hold things on . You have nothing on the glue – go finish your project. ”  Malachy did and returned a few minutes later with this – a sandwich. Creative!

Excited about tomorrow’s feast . See you at 11:30.



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