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Wolves Howling in our Classroom

Published on October 27, 2011 under Uncategorized

Rain Rain Go Away…

No wait, I actually LIKE rainy days. I don’t have to stick to my schedule quite so much to get in the outdoor play and small groups in at certain times.  When children have long periods of uninterrupted or scripted play, this is when they begin to think deeper and play harder and make those connections with their friends and their teachers.  A few of the children and I were looking at pictures on the lap top this morning when we were invaded by wolves. I am not sure what prompted this play or the sounds but several of the children were howling.

From Wikipedia :

Emergent curriculum is a way of planning curriculum based on the student’s interest and passions as well as the teacher’s. To plan an emergent curriculum requires observation, documentation, creative brainstorming, flexibility and patience. Rather than starting with a lesson plan which requires a “hook” to get the children interested, emergent curriculum starts with the children’s interests. This is not to say that the teacher has no input, in fact teachers may well have a general topic they think is important for children to study and they may purposely include certain materials or experiences related to it as jumping off points.


So, since we had the lap top anyway, we looked up ” why wolves howl ?”   We found a great site that told us our answers as well as sound clips .  We found out they howl to scare off intruders and to find their friends.

Click here to see us howl !


We also did a few of the planned activities today like making a spider wed and reading a ghost story.  NOT a scary one…. This is the story of the five ghost . They were white and could only eat white food. One day mom left and left the ghost children home along and cautioned them not to eat anything.  ( So,… not sure about reading a story about a mom that leaves her kids home along unattended. )   Well, you know what happens. The ghost get in the fridge and eat leftovers from the party with the witches the night before.  They each turn the color of the food that they eat.  One ghost drank grape juice and turned purple.  One had strawberries and turned red.  We talked about our favorite food and what color they would turn us.  I am afraid I would stay white – cheesecake, rolls, potatoes…. carb city !




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