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Rainy Day Blues

Published on September 22, 2011 under Uncategorized



Days like today are the ones I am tempted to drag out the old television and throw a cartoon on.  Just thirty minutes of quiet…. so we can hear the rain.  But, I don’t.   There are so may other things we can do instead.
Like play with every kind of block Ms Debbie owns!  YES!  🙂



This is a great example of taking advantage of a moment and teaching something that is normally taught in a group setting.  This morning I noticed Mc Kayla standing and staring at the weather wheel.  We don’t use a weather wheel in circle time or that poster that is all lop sided behind it but nonetheless , somehow it ended up there and she was staring at it.  So, I said ” Mc Kayla , what is that?”  She replied ” I don’t know.”  I explained it is a weather wheel and each bear is dressed for different weather.  We went around the wheel and discussed what each type of weather was and then what todays weather is… RAINY!  I didn’t call her to the table to trace the lines on a sun or rain. I found a time when she was interested in the materials and I went to her.  Preschoolers need this style of teaching.
Emeri’s  grandfather came to visit and stayed to eat lunch with us today.  It was a rare treat.   He was able to join us in circle time. Afterwards Emeri showed him the proper way to wash our hands. 

Scarlett sorting color families. MATH! Emeri and Andrea enjoying the art center together.  If you always see pictures of art but never any from your child.  Chances are , I have them.  You will get them one day.  If you have been getting a lot home, that means your little one is an art factory and has supplied enough for my observation  files and home ! 

We learn to work together in centers and share.




After doing our art we are encouraged to write our name on it so we can tell who’s picture it is.  

It made me smile to walk in a center today and see Katelyn cleaning up a mess. In preschool we learn to be independent and clean up after ourselves.


It was a fun day. We heard stories about when Mr. Randy was a boy . That was a LONG time ago and he even took out his guitar to sing a few songs.  We can make even a rainy day a good day.  


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