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Hump Day!

Published on September 21, 2011 under community helpers


Today has been a quiet day. We had a few friends out for dentist and doctor appointments.  The weather was amazing for outside time and we were all in a mood to play.


Tomorrow afternoon are our assessments. They will be at the Community Christian Fellowship Church on the corner across from the funeral home and the armory.  Your child will need to be with you and it should take about 15 minutes.

Five Little Monkeys Jumpin on the couch.   Wait.. no , we didn’t REALLY jump on the couch but we bounced and sang the song together and acted it out.


We read a book called ” Froggy Goes to the Doctor ” and talked about why we go to the doctor . Do we only go when we are sick ?   Are doctors nice ?   A new name recognition game I put together.   The first letter of a child’s name and his friends names are usually the first letters of the alphabet he learns.  This game will help us.  Only problem is , this year we have five children who start with K ! Painting is always a popular activity !

The girls are playing a game that I got off Two Teaching Mommies.  In this game we matched the worker with his mode of transportation.  Sometimes we had to look at the tools he was holding to figure out what he was.


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