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NO picture Friday?

Published on September 23, 2011 under building community

Yes, that is right, I am afraid to post any pictures.  I thought I was doing so well and my son informs me that he has been going in every day and “fixing” my mistakes.  I don’t want to keep doing this wrong so today I will not be posting pictures.  You guys are pretty spoiled anyway .  Most people are lucky to see a picture of two of their children in school and you guys have me snapping them like they are celebrities or something.  The wonderful truth about all that is I use them in my observations. Watching what they do, how they play, the choices they make are all the best ways to truly assess a child – not like we did last night.  Taking pictures reminds me of specific moments in the day when one of the children put a puzzle together or participated in a group activity.  See… you thought I was just being nice. 🙂


Today we ended our unit on ” People that keep us Healthy .”  We read a book called ” Moose’s Loose Tooth ” and played a game called emergency.   The game had four cartoon characters with splots of color ( boo boo’s ) on them.  There was a stack of cards and each child would draw a card with a color and then cover the matching boo-boo with a bandaid.  I think the kids enjoyed it.  Playing games teaches us patience and waiting our turn.


We also looked at a picture of a little girl in a wheel chair.  One of the standards of a quality facility is that we introduce  diversity.  We show pictures of a woman carrying the mail, a man taking care of a baby or like today – a little girl in a wheel chair.  We talked about how her legs didn’t work.  The children said she was probably sad that she couldn’t climb stairs or play on the playground.  The little girl in the picture couldn’t even hold her head up.  We talked about if we saw someone like this , what would be appropriate to do. Should we stare? Should we laugh ?  The kids discussed ways they could be her friend.  Learning to be aware and care for people that don’t look like us is important.


We also had a USDA food inspection today.  Ms Patty visits us three times a year to make sure we are feeding foods according to guidelines and keeping our records straight.  Everything was in order and she enjoyed visiting with the kids. I think that is her favorite part of her job.

It’s Friday y’all. We made it.  Have a wonderful weekend.




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