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People Who Keep Us Safe

Published on September 26, 2011 under community helpers

Today has been a busy day.  It started with a visit from a princess.  Aveary was in a pageant over the weekend and WON !~ YAY AVEARY!  She brought her crown in this morning to show us all.   This reminded me of the days that Danielle competed and how much fun the pageants always were.


We had another visitor before 9:30 am today too ! I am applying for a different health insurance and a nurse had to come by to do a physical today. She took my blood pressure and drew blood.  She even weighed and measured me.   I wish this would have been scheduled last week, it would have been perfect.  I was  a good role model. I didn’t cry…  I love the picture of Kay covering her eyes.. so sweet.   She said ” Don’t be scared , I will be right here.”

People that keep us safe is the unit we are starting this week.   Specifically we will be talking about policeman and fireman.  The BIG IDEAS will be :


Policemen are our friends. They make rules so we are safe.

STOP LOOK AND LISTEN ( before crossing roads )

Firemen put out fires. ( Don’t forget our trip to the forestation Thursday evening at 6:30 )




We had fun with all the new toys that were put out today. There were fireman and policeman costumes.   There were new puzzles and new table toys.  One of the new toys even makes a VERY loud IRRITATING siren.  Kinda sorry I bought that one…

Outside the kids ran an obstacle course.   Sometimes police and firemen have to run an obstacle course to prove they are in shape.

We have lots of fun planned for this week.


  1. Michelle

    Ah Miss Debbie… People Who Keep Us Safe theme is almost as much fun as Apples 🙂 The trip to the firestation is always a favorite, but this year with so many little ones we had to forgo the visit. I am thinking next year they will all be 2 and older and it won’t be so hard. Have fun this week!!!

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