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Published on August 24, 2011 under Als Pals


We all get bit by it ever once in a while dont we ? The angry monster comes up and bites us on the hiney and we start to yell… and yell … and cry and kick. No, I didnt explain anger to the children like that . This blog is for YOU… so I put it in terms you can enjoy. Have you ever been bitten on the hiney before and spewed anger before you even realized it ?
Today we talked about anger and read the book ” When Sophie Gets Angry, Really Really Angry. ” Sophie’s little sister took away her toy and her mom let her do it. ” It IS her TURN!” ( Just so you know.. that is called Hi-jacking. When a child is playing with something you can encourage them to share but allowing someone else to take something or YOU taking it away is like you driving down the road and someone jumping in your car and saying.. ” GET OUT, you have been driving this car long enough. ” Have you ever looked at it like that ? Ok, on with the story. Sophie was so angry she ran and ran until she was exhausted. Today, I introduced our method for controlling anger here. MINE..if you watch me on facebook OR just notice my size would be DORITOS. 🙂 Yep. If I get angry just give me some carbs and I will self medicate. For the kids we teach them the calm down steps.
!. Take 2 deep breaths.
2. Count to 5.
3. Say ” Calm down, Calm down.”
I promise you I still have parents say the kids use this at home from two years ago. Try it ! At home if your child gets angry, remind them of our calm down steps.

We even have a song from Al’s Pals that goes with out steps.
Mr. Randy is in charge of science projects. Today he tried the first one. Fail.. or so he thought. I am not sure what he was trying to do. Maybe get the packet he placed inside the water bottle to get pulled down to the bottom ? Anyway, the kids still loved it and there was still a LOT of learning going on. I could hear their questions and their problem solving as they tried to make it work. In my book, that means the science experience was a success.

We tried a new recipe today – Homemade Pizza Cups. If you cant see it below just let me know and I will print it for you. The kids loved it and it was so easy.

Many have asked how the mud kitchen is going . GREAT! !! Each day we are learning more ways to make it more fun but with less clothing clean up at the end.

Last night at 11 pm we got a call that Randy’s uncle had passed away. Thankfully we just saw him a couple weeks ago and enjoyed a great conversation. They have requested Randy sing at the funeral so Thursday evening or early Friday morning Randy and I will be leaving for Mississippi . Bethany and Beth will be here working. Beth has two more weeks before her program opens so we are thankful she can still sub in when needed. Things are still a little hectic with all the new routines. If any parents would like to come in from 9-12:30 to volunteer I am sure it would be appreciated. Extra hands are always welcome.


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