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I’m scared

Published on August 25, 2011 under cooking with kids


Look at this cool group of kiddos. They dont scare me… much. 🙂

Have you noticed our lost and found board on the cubbies ? Please check it periodically for your child’s treasures.

Today we cooked together again. We made mini chocolate pies from pie crust and hersheys kisses. First of course, we washed our hands . We washed them again if we picked our nose or sneezed. Man… hurdling all those germs takes a huge hunk out of our day. But… being healthy is important.

We pounded the pie crust flat and placed a hersheys kiss in the middle.

And we made yummy deliciousness !

Our circle time today was about being scared. We read a story about being scared and then we talked about what makes us scared. Out of the eight children in my first group ALL of them said something about bedtime or monsters at night.
If you want more information about how to help your child at night not be scared here is some info .
Randy and I will be leaving for Mississippi for his uncles funeral. We will be singing at the graveside services so prayers are appreciated. Beth and Bethany will be in charge while we are gone and I am confident their days will go great.


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