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Wind Socks !

Published on March 30, 2011 under Art


I love walking into a room and seeing something like this. Total….. comfort.

This is ANOTHER of the MANY reasons I hate worksheets. This is a weekly reader. If you skip the back which is usually a worksheet, it is a pretty good publication. Although, I am a little anal and would LOVE for them to send a year at a time instead of assuming I am focusing on farm in March. Any who… When you receive this at home usually the back is blank- we havent filled it in. Why ? Worksheets are NOT Age appropriate for 3 and 4 year olds. But let’s just look at this ONE sheet. IF I…had made this worksheet what is the first thing I would have done differently ? We teach our kids all year… green means go. When they look at a stop light automatically they think.. green means go. SO WHY.. WHY… would this publisher put NO in green. No doesnt mean go.. it means STOP. Why confuse the kids ? Little things.. that irk me. 🙂
After talking more about wind today we made wind socks.
I love Nolans drawing on this wind sock. The sad faced little boy is his brother. I asked why. He said ” He misses me..” How sweet.
Then you have the kid on the ball in the classroom ! ” Look ! I made a pattern. ”
The boys did a great job making a city today!

In addition to all our normal stuff we do, the kids took a walk today to look for wind. They didnt SEE wind but they saw the affects of it. They saw a flag blowing. They saw a tree’s baby leaves blowing. They saw a whirly gig…. giggin.. : ) When we came in to do our journals Rosanna said ” Ms Debbie, I cant draw wind.” GREAT CONVERSATION STARTER! We talked again about why and what she might draw that would show wind. I think she decided on a tree bent over as though the wind was blowing it.
Have I said lately how brilliant my kids are and how much I love them ?


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