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Back in town !

Published on March 29, 2011 under Geneviette


Being on Spring Break might have been a LITTLE more fun had it been warm. Randy , Geneviette and I headed to Kansas City, Mo. Which, by the way is an excellent place to hang out with grandkids during cold days. Our hotel, the Westin , had a link that went to most anything that we wanted to do and much of it was free. Below you see one of the first dinner stops. It was FRITZ’s railway station. You used the phone to call in your order and it is delivered by a model train that goes around the top of the room on a track. When it gets to your table it drops. I’m not 5 but I was still impressed !

Advice- dont promise your grandchild swimming until you make SURE it is an indoor pool. The brochure said ” heated”. It was .. and outside. They said that people swim in it year round. So.. we did. The cold was NOTHING compared to having to go out there with a glass window from the athletic room surrounding the pool like a TV. Ugh…..

G had her first cab ride that she can remember !
Maturity is optional.
Before we got out of town we found this field of flowers/ weeds and had to take some pictures. G loved it .
Toy Story 3 Disney on Ice. Carry a BIG wallet and do not make eye contact with the hawkers.
TREX Cafe– this was our last stop and one of our favorites. This is a must for preschool kiddos!
Yesterday I was in meetings all day. I left town at 6:30 to get to Fort Smith. I was in a budget meeting for Arkansas Better Chance funding. Organizing finances are MY least favorite thing to do. I am the queen of losing receipts. Not… a good… day.
After that meeting was over I headed to Bentonville and met Randy for another training on quality environment rating scales. As always, good information on how to create better learning opportunities for our kiddos! Home at 10 pm. 🙂
All in a days work.
FINALLY we have made it to today ! We were excited to see the city workers arrive to fix the alley. If you have HATED driving through there – you will be excited too. The great thing about this alley fix is that they kids got to watch the machines work . BONUS!

We are slowly getting into our spring unit. Today we talked about wind. Can you see it? Can you hear it ? Can you feel it ? We used a fan to do some experiments with air. Will a wooden egg float in the air when the fan is turned on ? Will a scarf ? Why ? We also used air from our bodies to do some nice blow art. During circle time we blew up a swimming ring. It was clear on the front. As I blew it up we talked about how it was getting bigger but we couldnt see anything inside. The kids put their hands on their chest. We took a deep breath in… our best rose. Why ? We talked about our lungs. Our lungs are a lot like a balloon or a swimming ring… air goes in and it gets bigger or raises ( like our chest ) when the air goes out it goes down.
It was a good day.

Some of the new materials out this week are spring themed erasers for sorting.
Flower gardens !

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  1. Michelle

    We have been spending a lot of time outside lately too. It adds such adventure to hear a story outside, or paint, or play in the sensory table. We also are looking forward to taking care of our flowers and garden… learning outside is so much fun!!!

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