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Published on January 5, 2011 under Winter


The kids LOVE dance parties ! Today we had one and played FREEZE dance. Before this we talked about how water left outside during the winter might FREEZE. This was a lot of fun.

New calendars for January are in your cubbies today!

There is also a list of ten ways to play in December !
We also practiced HOW to use out sign in sheet . Since the beginning of the year we have been writing our name on art and in our journals. This week we are stepping up a little and the kids will sign in in the morning just like the parents . Parents , you may help. If you do, please only guide their hand, use upper case letters for the first letter of the name and small case for the rest and ONLY being encouraging please ! 🙂
Nolan learned to tie shoes over the break ! WAY TO GO NOLAN ! As tradition has it, he got a $1 from Randy.

Tap shoes… who’s foot ?

There’s that game again….
We also talked about what letters that winter and snow begin with.
It was a busy day.
For those of you that are curious. I left early today to go to the doctor. I had a consult with an oncologist to start genetic testing to see what my chances of getting ovarian cancer like my mom had. The process is started, it will be a while before we know. Randy went with me for support. The hardest part was walking in the clinic that I went to with mom for so long. Im not sure how I feel about this testing process . I mean, if I am predestined to get cancer there is a reason and there will be nothing I can do to stop that from happening. And… would I even want to ? I am a firm believer that God has a plan in all that happens in our life. My doctor advise this – so I am . Maybe as it sinks in I will feel more peace about it. But I am ok. I am healthy !


  1. Anonymous

    Can you please tell me more about the activities you do to go along with the movie? I do much the same thing in my classroom, with the lines of chairs, pajamas, and tickets, but I never thought of stopping the movie to do activities! At the end, I have everyone look under their chair and there is a small bell taped there. Do you do that? Thanks for all the wonderful ideas here!

  2. Ms Debbie

    As soon as the kids come in they sit at the table that has been " turned into " a train. " They are also given a Polar Express ticket that I print off. There are MANY out there – just google it. While waiting on all the children to board the train, there are crayons etc on the table to decorate their ticket with. THey also all wear PJ's to school. Randy dresses like a conductor and punches the tickets and then we start the movie. Every year I stop and some of the same places and some different. We dont normally watch any TV at school so the kids are not used to ha

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