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FIrst Day Back

Published on January 3, 2011 under Winter

>What a great day for our first day back. Our numbers are a little down today since our school system hasnt went back yet, but we still had a good time.

The kids played with some new toys today and some new ” old ” toys.
One of the new toys I got is electronic and we know how the kids love technology. This is a learning toy – but dont tell the kids. There are flash cards with letter , number and shape matching. The child chooses his answer and then touches an electronic pen to it. If it is the right answer it sings and flashes green. If it is not the right answer the pen flashes red and makes a womp womp womp….. sound!
Another toy that we took out today is DONT BREAK THE ICE! I must say that I usually loathe this game. It takes me more time to set it up each time than it does the kids to knock it down. The good new is… this year two of the kids can set it up alone ! YAY!
This week we are talking about winter. We discussed the fact that it was still pretty hot when we came to school ( summer). Then the leaves began to fall off the trees. ( Fall ) Now it is COLD ( winter ) . We talked about what we know about winter. Some of the kids remembere from last year that the birds fly to a place that is warmer. We talked about the difference in the clothing that we wear. Lots of good ideas were flowing. We read ” The Hat.”
It is a good day!


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