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Hurry Hurry Drive the Fire Truck

Published on October 4, 2010 under Art


This week we are learning about ” People that Keep us Safe in Our Community”. When I asked the kids who they think keeps us safe , they typically said ” mom and dad.” I think that is a pretty fair answer ! Today we focused on fire fighters in anticipation of our trip to the fire station tomorrow night at 6:30. 6:30— not 6:00 like I thought.
In circle time we read this cute book about little and big alphabets that drive a fire truck!

We also sung the song, ” Hurry Hurry Drive the Fire Truck” . The KIDS LOVE THIS SONG!
Here is a video of the song so you can enjoy it at home too !
We didnt watch this video but I am sure your child would love to watch it with you!
Then we learned to STOP, DROP and ROLL!
We learned to STAY LOW AND GO ( under the smoke ).
Lots of pretend fireman play in the fire truck outside today!
Silly Boys!

Randy made an obstacle course outside. He talked about how the fireman sometimes have to climb through or crawl under things when they are fighting fires. The kids had a lot of fun with this.

Today was muffin tin Monday!

More STAY LOW AND GO with the younger ones !
We talked about 911 and even painted it with orange paint that we made. We practiced dialing 911 and I reminded them we ONLY do it in an emergency.
We mixed red and yellow paint to get orange like FIRE!

There are many books about fire fighters out to be read this week.

Mommies of girls ! Did you know I have a tin in the room if you need to get a barret or headband or pony tail before you leave in the afternoon. Many of the girls yank whatever is in their hair out during the day. They are very difficult to keep up with , but you are welcome to take one of ours on the way out ! I went shopping this weekend and restocked. The blue tin is on the parent resource table behind the door.

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