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Emergency ! Emergency !

Published on October 5, 2010 under field trips


It is hard to explain to kids why rolling on the ground helps put out the fire if they ever catch on fire. So, today we did this little science experiment. I lit a candle and talked about how it is getting air so the flame stays big. Then I placed a plate over the top of the candle and the flame went out – because it did not have any air. When we roll around the fire can not get any air . That is also why we NEVER run when our clothes are on fire.

We practiced STAY LOW AND GO under the tables.
These boys love to read but one of my “tricks” to getting little boys to pick up a book is by placing them in the block center where they spend a lot of time. There are books about trucks, motor cycles, with steering wheels and race cars .

I love to see how the kids bond and love each other.

Our friend Kimber was back today . He had to be out for a while ! Kimber we are so happy to have you back in school.
We put a playhouse in a rubber maid and used a spray bottle to put out our pretend fire.
Thanks Rhonda ( Orrin’s mom ) for the HUGE fire truck puzzle. This week it is a perfect tool for us to use!
Tonight is our family field trip to the fire station. We will meet at the Cheri Whitlock Station at 6:30 pm. We should be finished my 7:00.


  1. Michelle

    I love the building block community, it is so nice to see the connections being made. We have had the same problem with books lately, I think I need to go over some of those routines too… thanks for the reminder 🙂

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