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Field Trip to the Grocery Store

Published on October 20, 2010 under fall


Evidently I uploaded my pictures in reverse order .. and time is of the essence during nap time, so we will leave it !
Our trip ended with a visit to Barnetts dairyette to grab some ice cream. Ten – thirty in the morning ? It’s ok ! You are only a kids once and we worked hard on that long walk! Besides, the theme is ” People and Places that Provide Food ” and this fits the bill, right ?

After visiting the grocery store we came out to find a delivery guy unloading his truck ! Perfect !

We were voting what kind of candy to take home .
Trucks deliver the groceries to the store ! We wondered how they got there.
We saw a cake being decorated.
Kendra was really good with us.

On the way we saw some trees that were changing and they were beautiful.
Every trip is different as we learn to be safe while touring our community .
And if you missed last night you missed a real treat. Some of my favorite times are the dad and me nights.
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