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Sometimes rainy days are more productive

Published on October 19, 2010 under fall


Geneviette and Danielle are so proud of their ” castle .”

Nolan is measuring the cubbies.
Noah enjoying the cutting pool.
These are magnetic stories that we will be using this month.
File folder games !

Daniel makes the cutest cowboy.

William enjoying sorting.
Since we are talking about food this week, I put soap and play dishes in the rubbermaid so they could pretend to wash dishes. The kids loved it. They were pretty good washers too ! It was such a popular center that we introduced a ” waiting list .” This gives the kids one more chance to try and write their name. Some of the children I helped.

We taped pumpkins to the door frame and made a book. Each child took a turn standing next to the line of pumpkins to see how tall they were. Most of the kids were 12 pumpkins tall. Geneviette was 13 and Noah was 14. We will read this book a few times this week – so at home if you want to point out specific numbers those would be good ones to reinforce.

We played a matching game with pictures of food. Matching games are great for visual discrimination. When children begin to see the differences in pictures they can easier tell the difference and be able to learn letters. The funny thing was – I printed this game off the computer on regular paper instead of card stock. The four year olds caught on really fast that they could see through the paper to the outline of the food and pick out the right ones. Since the goal is mastery and success anyway – I just let them keep doing it.
We made a teacher directed art today too! Pretty fall trees!

Tonight at 6 pm is our pumpkin decorating and hayride with dads! This will be so much fun ! See you there!


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