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Monday Morning Comes Early

Published on April 12, 2010 under Als Pals


This weekend was a blast. I think I enjoy doing conferences more than I do the children’s concerts. Maybe it is the energy of having so many people on a room that all love the same thing – teaching preschooler ! Randy and I did a workshop / concert at the North West Arkansas Spring Providers Conference. We all had a great time!

Randy singing a version of BOOM BOOM CHICKA BOOM !
The big news of the day was our completed sink area in the classroom. Pam, my sister in law even made a cute skirt to hide the pipes with a matching curtain and lamp shade cover. TOO CUTE! You cant even imagine how much easier this makes our day.

Our friend Danny showed up today with a cool new haircut !

Ms Debbie got a cool new teachers center that we love!
We played numbers BINGO !

We stayed active all day. Mr Randy even asked ” why it was so quiet?” They were BUSY !

Jaxson was playing with the worms and said ” Look Ms Debbie , what I did! ” He was so proud that he had sorted the worms by size ! Right after that he took off outside to dig and look for more worms.. real .. worms.

I was impressed by the girls block structure !
But the highlight of the day was the flower garden. Last night I got a basket of flowers and put them near the garden. Randy added gardening tools, gloves and watering cans ( with WATER!) Everyone loved this area. It was a hit !

Mondays arent so bad.
( I almost forgot . We also had a visitor today to observe. Angie is our Al’s Pals Social and Emotional curriculum trainer. She came to see me do a lesson brainstorming. In order to teach this to the kids, I wanted to tie it in with what we were already learning – SPRING! I took a balloon and we passed it around the room ( raindrop ) and we sang Rain Rain Go Away , Come Again Another Day , Little _____ wants to play. ” Who ever the raindrop stopped with had to brainstorm and think of ONE idea of something to do if it is raining outside. We made a list. The kids seemed to get RAINstorm and BRAINstorm a little confused , but finally they were able to hear the difference. After that we read a book about a little girl named Sarah and her favorite boots. They didnt fit anymore. She tried everything to make them fit. She BRAINSTORMED. We talked about how sometimes we run into a problem, it cant be helped. So, instead of getting frustrated we need to brainstorm different ideas on how it can be fixed. Thinking outside the box to other solutions ( rather than the obvious ) is a great skill.


  1. Ayn Colsh

    Great post about wind activities, but I love the last part when you talk about learning social/emotional skills. That is such an important part of what we do each and every day as preschool teachers. 🙂

  2. Emilee

    "Recognizing our feelings and or reactions to other people's feelings is powerful – much more so than knowing how to spell our name. Just sayin… :)" …I agree and am grateful b/c well, we haven't mastered the name yet. 🙂 Love what you do!

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