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Rocket Ship Run

Published on March 3, 2010 under transportation

Today we were back on track to finish out the week with our transportation unit . This morning we talked about rockets. I know the kids are intrigued by rockets because every time they do a painting and are stumped about what it actually is that they drew and I ask- they say ” a rocket.”

One of the indicators in our worksampling is : child understand how technology can be used. With that in mind today in small groups we watched a youtube video of a rocket launch. We learned a lot from this short clip.
1. There is fire underneath the rocket to make it take off.
2. It goes fast.
3. It goes up.
4. There is a countd0wn before the rocket takes off.
5. With the computer we can learn about things that happen at other places. ( We have never seen a rocket in Siloam !)
After watching the clip we had HUGE number cards and we laid the numbers 1 – 10 on the table and counted backwards – identifying the numbers as we went. SO fun!
During this time an Arkansas Better Chance ” person” came by to do an audit on my paperwork. The kids were wonderful and make us look so good. I am so proud of them. The audit went well. He did say I have to put an attendance policy back in my handbook next year. I took it out because I dont like to ” let children go” because of attendance. ( They can’t drive themselves here- hell0..) But, he showed me how I can do it and still have some flexibility to be reasonable. John is a very nice man and I enjoyed his visit.
He enjoyed hearing us sing this song about rockets. Please enjoy one of my FAVORITE songs by Laurie Berkner. Turn up the speakers and grab your kiddo, they love it too!
( Thanks Jodie for filling in for me this afternoon while I took mom for chemo. )


  1. Jessica

    Clara told me all about the train conductor and everything he was wearing and that he looked like Uncle Jason (my sister's clean-shaven 28 year old husband, LOL). She said the train was carrying corn and CARS. What an awesome time you guys had! I hope you also sang the song about the sad state of affairs for the peanut who sat on the railroad tracks. 🙂

  2. Ms Debbie

    It was the BEST day ever. And Jessica, we didnt sing a peanut sat on a rail road track but Randy did do a mean Johnny Cash…. what is the name of that song… ? I hear that train a comin… it's comin round the track…

  3. Emilee

    I am crying right now as I see this post. Nolan tells us nothing about his days and I have no idea what to say to probe it out of him. He's been talking about trains and the only thing I could think of was The Polar Express…I thought, man, he really liked that. I can't wait to jump in the car and ask him about seeing a real train. Gotta love boys…they don't go into all the details like us girls do.

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