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I’m scared

Published on February 8, 2010 under parent involvement

>What makes you scared?

When I go to bed and my mommy forgets to turn the closet light on.
When there is a tornado.
We had a lot of fun discussions today on what we are scared of. We also journaled about being scared. In circle time we looked at different pictures of people that were scared and talked about why we thought they were scared. One little girl was going very fast down the slide – so fast her hair was flying up behind her. The kids thought she was scared because her hair was so bad. Isnt that funny?
Today Katie asked me what we were having for lunch. I told her tacos. She went to the journal where I write the days menu and said ” but I dont see a T!” I was so proud. There was one there but I can understand how she over looked it. YAY for learning letters and letter sounds through every day experiences.
I didnt save a note about Thursday night’s ” Mommy, Me and Muffins ” One of the moms is bringing her’s to school to me tomorrow and I will recopy so we all know who is coming when. Also, yes your child can bring Valentines. The easiest way is to leave the TO: blank and only write their name next to From: Most of them write their name here , so let them do as many cards as they can. Spread them out over the next few nights. On Friday we will have a special snack for Valentines but our real celebration is with the moms on Thursday.


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