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Candy and Math

Published on February 9, 2010 under math

>Busy day today. Even though the sun was shining SO bright it was very very cold outside. The kids loved playing with the playdoh and those ( darn) bells. Dillion has found a new love of doing puzzles. Many times through the day you will see him take one off the shelf.

We used cardboard hearts to play the ” Heart Hokey Pokey” and then we found our friends with matching hearts. In small groups today we had a graphing activity with Sweetheart candies. As I sit and do these activities with the kids , I remember it is SO much more than just graphing. In the picture above, I told the little girl to put her pink one ABOVE her other candy. She did…. Not exactly what I meant, but she did know what above means.We talked about more and less and zero . ( These boxes had no white ones.) We also counted the candies and used problem solving . There were blue candies in the box but no space for a blue . What can we do?

The loft is a popular place lately. There are game and books up there. It is an old bunkbed that we re-purposed . The bottom is our art center.

Whew.. that looks busy…

The kids LOVE cereal day.

That is a tape measure across the room and the kids are playing LIMBO under it.

Measuring the door.
Busy busy.. day.


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