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To hibernate or migrate…that is the question

Published on January 22, 2010 under Uncategorized

>We had another fun day at school today with Ms. Beth and Ms. Jodie!
We played a new board game with Ms. Jodie and had fun dancing and putting on a “concert” for Ms. Beth. (Hannah Montana, eat your heart out!)

In circle time we made a “web” brainstorming all the things we have learned and know about winter. We talked about different animals and whether or not they hibernate or migrate during the winter. We re-read a few of our favorite books that we have read over the past few weeks as well.

During outside time, Ms. Jodie took a group of the children on a walk. They looked to see how many different colors they could find along the way. The met a neighbor walking his dog and learned his name is Rocket. They were very excited to come back and report their findings and discoveries to the rest of us. The other group went outside to the playground and decided to do some spring cleaning. These girls emptied out the playhouse completely and swept it. Then while it was empty they took advantage of the space and played soccer in there! Eventually all the furniture items were put back in, with a new arrangement. It was great to see them work together on this project.
I will speak for myself and Ms. Jodie in saying we have had great fun with the kids the past two days! Ms. Debbie and Mr. Randy will be back Monday!

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  1. Emily

    Ms. Debbie, I always put the names of my current kids in the polar bear story so they feel like part of the story! Feel free to substitute your kids names or come up with names of your own!

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