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Published on January 21, 2010 under Uncategorized


Ms. Debbie and Mr. Randy went to the SECA conference in Little Rock, so Ms. Beth and Ms. Jodie spent the day playing and learning!

Today’s focus was on migration. We learned that animals fly south in winter to go to someplace warmer. When asked where they would go if they could migrate, we got some unique answers : “Hawaii”( can I migrate there, please?), “Arizona”, “Florida”, “my house”, “the movies”, and “Broken Arrow” (a suburb of Tulsa). We learned the birds fly together with their friends in a V-formation, so we used paper strips to form and create “v” shapes and stapled them together. The kids didn’t stop there, though. Those clever little ones took another strip and added them to the V shapes to make As!

Some of the boys and girls during free choice centers had the idea to take strips of construction paper and wrap them around their wrists like a bracket and pretend to be super heroes. We need more super heroes in this world, I think.

We read Sleepy Bear (a book about hibernation with a touch of migration) and the Penguin Who Wanted to Fly. We pretended that we were daddy penguins protecting their eggs and used a ball put between our legs and waddled all around the room. That was tough to do with no hands, and funny to see all our friends walking so silly!

We had inside recess due to the yucky weather outside, and had fun bowling, dancing, and playing Cranium Hulabaloo! What a great day having fun (and learning too!)


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